Forging opportunities with WebRTC

for Xura


acision, now Xura, is a global leader in secure, mobile messaging services that desires to engage the developer community on a global scale with focus around WebRTC. In 2015 as WebRTC continued to grow and expand into multiple industries, Xura sought to expand the usage of it’s services. The challenge was to demonstrate the power of it’s forge SDK in key areas of the industry: banking, education & beauty.


covello partnered with Xura to develop a clear engagement strategy that revolved around revolved around developers. We started by familiarizing ourself with their SDK, building sample applications to be used at targeted events: Mobile World Congress, SXSW, and CES. Through these sample applications and event activations we were able to attract both developers and clients to the platform.

Focus Areas

Developer Engagement




Technology Showcase

Web and Mobile Apps


Blacc Spot Media



Crafting the engagement structure

covello lead an ideation session aimed at generating ideas for sample applications in three identified verticals. Ideas were grouped according to their vertical then flushed out to further use cases. Three mobile and web applications were built and showcased.


A new experience 

With displays at three separate major events, developers needed to easily engage with and trust the solutions. Live coding sessions for some of the actual demos were set up to quickly engage the target audience and bring credibility to the company. Developers could easily see how to engage with the SDK and bounce ideas and questions off fellow developers.

live coding

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