Showcasing Health IT

for TAG + MAC

In late 2014 the Metro Atlanta Chamber (MAC)  and TAG (Technology Association of GA) teamed up to provide some credible press to Georgia companies specializing in Health IT. They reached out to us to help them organize the startups and design the experience of the journalist.

The goal of the tour was to raise the profile of Atlanta as a leader in Health IT and to helped showcase the companies and startups that are up and coming in the space. We worked with them to help make this goal possible and created a fantastic tour that generate some great press for the companies involved.

Focus Areas

Event Activation


Event Design

Startup Sourcing

Finding and coaching

Starting out we had criteria we needed to fulfill including hardware, software, and diversity requirements. With that in mind we combed through our network and found a lot of potential options. We then presented those to the group. From their selections we filled in the remaining gaps and coached and oriented the companies to make sure they were ready for the press. 


Designing the experience

We wanted to create an intimate and engaging experience to allow for press and companies alike to interact in a more natural manner. We choose high boys and close groupings for the companies to showcase their product or service and created a natural flow to help journalist meet all the companies and connect with them.


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