Evangelizing on the floor

for Panasonic


Every year Panasonic, along with every big consumer company, travels to CES to showcase their newest technology and innovations. In 2014 and 2015 we had the honor of working on their floor during CES to engage everyone from press to consumers, informing them of what Panasonic was creating. One of the common threads was that Panasonic is in several industries and is often the force, brains, or guts of popular brands that most consumers encounter on a daily basis. This was  core message while we engaged on the floor.

Focus Areas

Event Activation


Floor Engagement



On the floor

While on the floor our job was to engage those visiting the booth and to get them as quickly as possible to the information they were seeking while making sure they had a great experience. We helped drive engagement and help the company we worked with meet their metrics while in the booth for Panasonic.

ces panasonic photo 3

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