Migrating an organization’s data

for Midtown Alliance


Midtown Alliance is a non-profit membership organization and a coalition of leading business and community leaders – united in our commitment to Midtown as a premiere destination for commerce, culture, education and living. The community improvement district sought to modernize and transform they way they worked internally. The challenge was to migrate all their data and contacts to a system that could integrate with other parts of the organization and help them better manage their contacts.


As friends of the organization, we decided to take on the challenge of migrating their data to a new system. We started with stakeholder sessions to ensure the transition would be easy and we would have alignment. By creating alignment we were able to help the organization work more efficiently.

Focus Areas

Change Management


Data Migration

User Training

Web and Mobile Apps


Greg Chambers

Understanding the organization

Composed of three separate organizations, Midtown Alliance is a complex and dynamic organization that has to serve many needs for it’s community. We conducted several meetings internally to make sure the system would be properly implemented and that it would synchronize with another implementation of it in another branch of the organization. 

midtown organization

Transferring data 

Correctly transferring data was of the upmost importance, because it is such an integral part of their daily operations and included: their contact, membership, and other critical information. Their existing solution, e-tapestry, was not a true CRM and required a deep understanding to map and implement the correct fields in the new solution (salesforce).

ma data look

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