Helping kids embrace reading

for Mayor’s Summer Reading Club

The Mayor’s Summer Reading Club is a program that promotes literacy skills and vocabulary enrichment in children ages birth through eight and their families.  The Mayor’s Summer Reading Club is a collaboration between the City of Atlanta, GEEARS (Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready Students), PNC, the United Way and many great public-private partnerships throughout the city of Atlanta.

In 2015 they came to us to help reinvent their website in order to centralize their information and make it easier to communicate with parents and provide resources for their kids. With a small budget and short timeline we helped to get them up and running and have a productive and successful summer reading program.

Focus Areas

Website Refresh





Building the site

When we started reconstructing the site we needed to find an easy way to allow for it to be edited. We chose WordPress and a simple template to allow for the site to be easily changed and updated every year. From there we worked with the group to design something they could use, communicated effectively, and was very mobile friendly.

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