Visualizing sexual assault on college campuses

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The CDC estimates that 1 in 5 women will be raped in their lifetimes, which can lead to several mental and physical side effects leading victims to contemplate suicide. Rape and Sexual Assault is also an underreported problem on College campuses nationwide and an issue often swept under the rug.

In the wake of several national scandals on college campuses several social movements and demonstrations were held. The creators of HEARR or the Higher Education Accurate Rape Reporting tool, came to us to help create something that could show the disparity in this issue and communicate the need for change.

Working with existing data and a base project from a community event, we were able to create a interactive and socially shareable tool, HEARR, that effectively communicates the severity of the issue and stirs a conversation within a week for use in a conjunction with one of the movements they were supporting.

Focus Areas

Product Development


Data Visualization


Web and Mobile Apps



Visually communicating the problem

We began with a great database and had several ideas on how to showcase the data. We wanted to elicit a response and encourage others to recognize the issue when viewing the data. This issue is often over looked or even not recognized, so we choose to change the scale to emphasize the disparity and put the issue on the map.

scale hearr

Thinking mobile first

With a few events and press that the group behind HEARR would be getting, we wanted to make sure that it was mobile first and beautiful on any device. This eliminated any barrier to sharing the information or spreading the cause.


Keeping it simple and social

Spotlighting a social issue is even easier when it can be shared socially. After focusing on mobile we honed in on an easy and simple graphic to share statistics in a interesting and compelling way. 

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