Grooving at TechCrunch Disrupt 2016

for Harman Kardon


In 2016 Harman Kardon launched the first hackable headphones and really wanted to push and showcase this new technology. Originally, they wanted to do a bigger activation at Google I/O, but that didn’t pan out so we suggested TechCrunch Disrupt in both NYC and San Francisco. The challenge was to showcase the new JBL EVEREST™ ELITE headphones to the media and to get developers to build new use cases with the SDK.


We had to consider the product launch as well as the new SDK, so we made sure to push this on social media, create developer workshops to help them learn how to use the SDK during the hackathon, created a custom slack channel to make sure we could communicate constantly and chat with the developers, and had some cool demos in the booth to draw in the audience and educate them about what Harman is doing and their new product.


Using these methods we achieved the following results:

  • 200+ developers “hacked” the JBL EVEREST™ ELITE headphones and JBL Pulse2 using product SDKs
  • 800+ attendees visited the HARMAN booth
  • 20M+ readers impressions from event coverage
  • 45+ media briefings hosted onsite; Top briefings with TechCrunch, VICE, New York Magazine, Engadget, Teen Vogue, iHeartMedia, AOL, The Huffington Post, PC Magazine, Computerworld
  • 13,000+ social media shares, likes and engagement

Focus Areas

Developer Engagement


Event Activation

Technology Showcase


Jacky Gonzalez

Darran Hall

Caleb Lewis

VR demos in the booth

With all the other cool things to see at the conference and hackathon, we used some VR demos to amp up the experience and draw people to the booth. This coupled with the demos we had in the booth, really drove impressions and interest in the product.


Developer Workshops

With the short time span for the actual event, we employed developer workshops to help the developers shorten the learning curve. We answered questions and showed examples and even provided example code to help them create new and exciting prototypes and demos. This increased our engagement and also allowed developers to get to know us.


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