Hacking Google I/O

for Harman Kardon


In 2015 Harman Kardon set out to innovate around their lifestyle products in order to gain market share and spread this methodology internally. They choose to do this through developer engagement, leveraging several key events and partnerships.  The challenge was to leverage Google I/O to create awareness about how Harman/Kardon is transforming their lifestyle products through innovation using their new iOS and Android Wireless HD SDKs.


Initially not on their radar, Google I/O was an after thought. This meant that we didn’t have time to leverage traditional event outlets, like booth space, so we hacked the event. We used street teams and live product demos while developers stood waiting in line and created private events at coworking and other spaces to draw in a crowd and provide an intimate setting to get to know developers.


Using this method we increased Harman’s  Developer Engagement by 150%, identified developers, startups & companies interested in creating tangible solutions using the SDKs, flagged champions who will advocate about their SDK experience with invest to help improve the SDK and support experience to be more developer friendly, and added a huge boost to Harman’s credibility in engaging developers.

Focus Areas

Developer Engagement


Event Activation

Technology Showcase


Carlos Gonzalez

Guerilla tactics

From dancing in the streets to demoing products, we used a variety of tactics to get developers attention and engage them while they had some down time waiting in line. We garnered over 200 sign ups in line during the course of the event using these tactics and entertained a few people along the way.

dancing google io

Partnering Up

Partnering up made sense for a couple of reasons. First, it allowed for us to create intimate experiences and allow for richer engagement with developers. Second, as an infotainment partner we could leverage an existing audience and showcase the brand’s products.

google io pic 4

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