Building at CES 2016

for Harman Kardon


In 2016 Harman Kardon wanted to showcase all the work and apps that had been developed as a result of their developer engaged over the last year. They choose to once again participate in the AT&T Dev Summit, held a few days before CES, and to have a dedicated section in their booth to showcase the work. The challenge was to help Harman engage developers, showcase the apps to the press and other interested parties, demonstrate new ideas for other divisions internally, and help foster partnerships between Harman and other potential IoT (Internet of Things) partners.


We brought a team to the AT&T Dev Summit to create some prototypes Harman and other partners might be interested in fostering relationships there. In the booth we engaged with other business units within Harman and built quick prototypes they could show to prospective customers and partners. And we demonstrated and help man the developer section of the booth to make sure we could maximize the opportunity. 


During the AT&T Dev Summit we engaged with over 200 developers and carried back three ideas that we helped pitch to other internal teams, created a live functioning prototype for a business unit to showcase, and created two new partnerships for Harman in the IoT space with pilots upcoming.

Focus Areas

Developer Engagement

Event Activation



Strategic Partnerships

Technology Showcase

Web and Mobile Apps


Jackie Gonzalez

Engaging at Dev Summit

Leveraging our team of developers and the Harman team, we helped developers solve problems they encountered when trying to use the Harman SDKs. Our team focused on some strategic partner demos, while we engaged developers and shared with them use cases we had built over the last year.

ces dev eng

In the booth

From setting up, testing, and fixing demos to prototyping and section assembly we did it all. We pitched and demoed for press and partners and helped drive the experience internally to get more by in across the organization.

ces in booth build

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