Discussing the future of work

for Colab Summit


In the fall of 2013, Colab had a summit here in Atlanta, GA. As a new company we choose to take part and partnered with Gensler to host a salon on the future of work. Our challenge was to work with Gensler to host a salon that piqued the interest of those attending and create a conversation about the future of work.


Working closely with Gensler we created an experience that would not only draw others in, but bring up new and emerging topics and trends like the future of work. We then got gifts in partnership with Teknion, which were books talking about workplace trends as well as how people use space, to give out to the attendees to help them use the principles discussed in their professional and maybe even personal lives.

Focus Areas

New Thinking


Event Activation




Planning the session

Initially we had a few conversations about the content of the session with Gensler allowing them to really lead from their prospective and thought leadership. From there we focused on the experience leveraging partnerships from our local connections including Uber, to create an inclusive experience that would be sure to draw people to it, as we were competing with other salons.


The salon

We started with a tour of Gensler which was both exciting and allowed everyone to get comfortable and adjusted to the space. We then had Gensler’s Stephen give a presentation about his thought and perspective on the future of work. Following the presentation we had a lively discussion about the topics in his presentation that we moderated and lead.


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