Inspiring Educators

for The Children’s School


In 2014 The Children’s School was exploring the concepts of design thinking and rethinking how they could not only differentiate themselves from other schools, but also how to engage their students in new and more progressive ways. The challenge was to help inspire the faculty and staff to use design thinking and different techniques in their classrooms.


Each time we do a workshop or session it is customized to the engagement. We began by discussing their needs and goals for a workshop or session. From there we laid out the exercises and the overall workshop experience. Finally, we facilitated the session on site with faculty and staff.


From this one simple session the faculty was inspired to try new methods and techniques in their classrooms. One teacher got her students into 3D printing, while others felt liberated to try brand new things in their classrooms.

Focus Areas

New Thinking




Planning the session

We started with a few in person meetings to figure out the direction and goals. From there we had a phone call with key stakeholders to get their ideas and learn more about the faculty and their learning style. We choose and iterated on exercises based on feedback from the Headmaster and his staff.


Conducting the session

We started with some improv exercises, which allowed the group to really get loose and warm up. Although they were shy at first they opened up and got super creative. From there we explained the design thinking workshop and split them into teams consisting of teachers from different grades. We then lead them through a design thinking workshop where they created solutions to make their classrooms more conducive to learning for those with different styles and needs.


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