Finding a new niche

for Blacc Spot Media


Blacc Spot Media focuses on Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) development across web, mobile, native desktop and telephony implementations. In 2013 when we first meet them that was not the case. They needed help finding a niche and growing their business.


We started by researching and assessing their industry and business. From there we tried some simple experiments and found WebRTC to be the niche. We then helped with business development and client engagement, traveling with them to Mobile World Congress and SXSW. 


Since working with them they have become the go to partner for several companies dealing in WebRTC and thought leaders in the space leading them to speaking engagements and a growing business in WebRTC.

Focus Areas

New Thinking


Business Development


Picking the niche

After doing some research we found a niche that made sense for the company’s skill set and goals. WebRTC was up and coming and helping them establish themselves as thought leaders has helped to catapult their business and make them a trusted partner and service provider for WebRTC solutions.


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