Dana Barrett

TV & Radio Host, Actor, Producer, Media Coach

Dana Barrett is a Business Commentator, Social Critic, TV & Radio Host,  Actress and owner of DB Media, LLC. She is the host of The Dana Barrett Show which airs weekdays at 9AM EST on biz1190AM in Atlanta or at biz1190.com. The longer version goes a little something like this: Dana was born on a cold Friday in March of mumble, mumble Nineteen-something or other.  She was born in Philly and on her third birthday… okay so maybe that version is too long.

Here are the basics:

  • Born in Philadelphia, PA awhile ago.
  • Graduated from Cornell University sometime later.
  • Moved to Atlanta after college.
  • Worked in the Tech Sector after college and held titles that ranged from Installation Representative to Vice President of Technology.
  • Is a serial entrepreneur having owned the tech firm DB Consulting, a bookstore in Roswell, Georgia called Coffee Buy The Book, and  now the media company, DB Media, LLC.  (Creative company names, no?)
  • Has always liked to talk and has done so on the radio since the early 90s including a stint as a traffic reporter on WSB in Atlanta and a long running author interview podcast called Midtown Review.
  • Has always liked the spotlight and has appeared doing stand-up comedy and on community theater stages around Atlanta as well as her more recent foray into TV & Film.
  • On-camera work includes work a stint as host of Atlanta Tech Edge on the Atlanta NBC affiliate, on-going work as a regular host for PR Video, and acting roles in the ID Channel show Swamp Murders, playing Legal Analyst in Season 7 of The Game and the role of Reporter #4 in the upcoming Ang Lee movie “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk”.
  • Is the single mother of an awesome full grown daughter.
  • Has an adorable dog named Buster.
  • and likes dessert a lot.  Almost as much as wine.

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