Lobbying Is Not Enough to Build Influence Among U.S. Lawmakers


Every budget item should justify its existence. But when it comes to influencing federal policy, companies don’t always used the right yardstick—or any yardstick at all—for determining and improving return on investment. A firm may have seen success on past legislation, but how much of that outcome had to do with our company’s engagement? And how will we fare in the next policy fight? With so many moving parts in the policy space, determining a Washington strategy (and a budget) can seem equal parts art and luck.
Enter the concept of a Washington brand, which is the measure of a company’s long-term reputation and influence among the powerbrokers of DC—from K Street to Capitol Hill to the White House—who write the laws and regulations affecting corporate bottom lines. Just like consumer and employer brands, a Washington brand captures how the audience perceives a company, and how those perceptions influence their future

Read the full story at the Harvard Business Review.

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